56 Paper Packs!

I’m very excited to introduce 2 new major updates!

The first is an upgrade of the 42 color packs to include an additional 14 colors, bring the packs up to a total of 56! If you have recently purchased one of these packs you will be able to download the upgraded one for free!

The second is a pastel range, also in 56 colors!

Over the next few weeks I will be upgrading the Mega Packs and adding the Pastel Range. If there is a pack you would like that hasn’t yet been updated, please feel free to message me so I can bump it up the list.


Digital Paper Pack

Digital Paper Pack

Halloween in New Zealand

Being in New Zealand, our October nights are moving into summer which means it is often still light until after 8pm. Our pumpkins are only just starting to sprout, our decorations are lacking and the apple cider is a year round drink. Trick or treating has grown in popularity since I was a kid, primarily due to our retailers, but Halloween here is often celebrated by a fancy dress party instead. The current trend for kids seems to be a ‘light party’ run by the churches (no evil doers allowed), moving into the scarier side of it for teens and adults. One day I plan on experiencing a real American Halloween, it seems too much fun not to do!

My eldest is just starting to get to the stage where he understands what is happening. While he most likely won’t ask to go trick or treating this year (he may do next year), he is excited about the prospect of choosing a costume and will help me hand out the candy on the evening.

Last year he went as a cowboy (sans hat as he wouldn’t keep it on) and had a lovely spider painted on by a witch. This year he is so far undecided
M - Halloween 2013